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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gagné & Smith Jr (1962) A study of the effects of verbalization on problem solving

Gagné, R. M. & Smith Jr, E. C. (1962) A study of the effects of verbalization on problem solving. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 63(1), 12-18.

n-disc problem (Tower of Honoi)


  1. Group V-SS (verbalizing, Solution Set) was instructed to state aloud why they were making each individual move at the time they made it. In addition, these 5s were instructed to try to think of a general rule by means of which they could tell someone
  2. Group V (Verbalizing, No Solution Set) was required to verbalize a reason for each move, but was
  3. not instructed to try to formulate a general rule for solution. 
  4. Group SS (No Verbalizing, Solution Set) was not required to verbalize, but was instructed to try to formulate a rule.
  5. Group No (No Verbalizing, No Solution Set) was simply told of the problem to be presented and its ground rules, with no additional instructions.

The group instructed to verbalize and to formulate a rule yielded the best performance.

Could my psychotic pursuit to get the book out and to explicate my problem and action schema be helpful in my learning to problem solve my mental problem? 8-O

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