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The sole purpose of the "English Kinda Thing" is to document my attempts to correct my own mistakes in standard English usage and to share the resources I find. In no way do I attempt to teach nobody English through these blurbs--just as I intend not to teach nobody to be a neurotic and psychotic handicap in Ratology Reloaded or Down with Meds! :-)

Monday, September 16, 2013

As evident/evidenced by?

I am very happy today because a mistake I habitually make was brought to my attention today...

Donno where I got it... but I have a liking to use the expression "as evident by blah blah and blah."

I learn today that it is actually as evidenced by (or as evident from...).

EX. There is no cure in my bad English as evidenced by all them mistakes I can not catch myself or continue to make even after they are identified such as in "the" and "a(n)."

8-O lol 8-X

(Though, at least, I will correct all them "as evident by" to "as evident from" in my writing from now on.)

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