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The sole purpose of the "English Kinda Thing" is to document my attempts to correct my own mistakes in standard English usage and to share the resources I find. In no way do I attempt to teach nobody English through these blurbs--just as I intend not to teach nobody to be a neurotic and psychotic handicap in Ratology Reloaded or Down with Meds! :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Resources for Learning a Language Online

Since I am sort of interested in doing some language learning ding... found the following link and would like to share it with ya....

elearn Magazine: 25 Free Resources for Learning a Language Online

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Memory and schizophrenia

Came across this interesting article... essentially, might be an article base on the dual-coding type of theoretical framework... looking at the plausible differences between schizophrenic patients and normal people memory-related performance.  Since many studies have investigated the topic from the perspective of auditory channel, this study also added the component of visual channel into the equation.

Regardless... what the abstract of this writing tells me is that... oops... my memory is fxcked-up-- well, ain't like I haven't complained about my bad memories.

An interesting thought that came to my mind, independent of this writing, was that... well... it is sort of like an issue of double-jeopardy...

What exactly might be the source of the perceived differences?

The condition itself or the side effect of the medication?

Would it even be a question worth asking since... well... psychotics need to be medicated anyways?

Not my business anyways... since it's already my job to be psychotic.  Leave some jobs for others to perform.  8-O lol