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The sole purpose of the "English Kinda Thing" is to document my attempts to correct my own mistakes in standard English usage and to share the resources I find. In no way do I attempt to teach nobody English through these blurbs--just as I intend not to teach nobody to be a neurotic and psychotic handicap in Ratology Reloaded or Down with Meds! :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Too much inconvenience or too many inconveniences?

Found a sentence somewhere in my writing... something like, "...psychotic, neurotic and physically handicapped--a bit too much inconvenience..."

Too much inconvenience sounds fine but... wait a minute... shall it be too many inconveniences or too much inconvenience?  Or is the word "inconvenience" countable or uncountable?

After some googling around with all due diligence, I found in some discussion forums where it was stated that  the word "inconvenience" could be treated as a mass noun "if it was just in general a huge hassle getting everything straightened out" and, as countable, "if there are a sequence of well defined inconveniences" --although, while both are acceptable, the usage of "much inconvenience is probably more common."

Well, it sounds comforting, to a certain degree, that both usages are acceptable; yet, since I have itemized quite a few minor inconveniences in life, do I have to change my sentence to "too many inconveniences"?

So I looked to see how the word "inconvenience" is defined when assuming the role of an "uncountable mass noun":

As a result, I figure that "too much inconvenience" might be OK in the context of my own writing if, with the word "inconvenience," I am referring to the general state of being that poses difficulties to my daily living?

Don't know what the experts might say... but... seems to be good enough a justification for myself, especially in my informal writing--conversation style... 8-O lol

BTW, when editing my own bad English in a Cafe today, this guys next to me asked this question, "Are you an English teacher?"  So I replied, "No.  I am but trying to correct my own old writing [and mistakes].  Ya.  The "English kinda thing" documents my attempts to correct my Bad English and to share the references I find.  In no way do I intend to teach nobody no English through my blurb--just as I intend not to teach nobody how to be a neurotic and psychotic handicap in Ratology Reloaded or Down with Meds.

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