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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Candy-countable or uncountable?

Nowadays, I am getting super-insecure about whether nouns are countable or uncountable.

So I came across this sentence du temps passé... "Don't eat too much candy..." and I went... ummmmm... too much candy or too many candies? 8-O

Then, of course, over 2 decades after this word became part of my dictionary, I have to look it up in someone else's dictionaries.  8-O lol

While some of the dictionaries stated that the plural of "candy" is "candies," so the Cambridge Dictionaries Online has the word "candy" defined:

 a small piece of sweet food made from sugar with chocolate, fruit, nuts, or flavors added:
[U] We dove into the box of chocolate candy as if we were starving.

An uncountable mass noun like water... plural when referring to different kinds of candies...

At least, from now on, yours sweet tooth will know that candy is a mass noun--something I must have learned but don't even recall when I had it forgotten... lol

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