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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Apocalypse: The commonplace phenomena

Since I lived through Apocalypses so many a time in my world not shared by others, I decided to look up some stats on the prevalence rate of Apocalypse experienced by other patients with psychosis.

The only one I found so far is in a paper by Rudaleviciene, Stompe, & Narbekovas (2013) where the reported life-span prevalence rate of apocalyptic theme in institutionalized patients in their study is 69.8% (n=295).

Based on this stat, it's apparent that Apocalypse is a commonplace phenomena lived through by psychotic patients. Something absolutely normal, I guess. 8-O

As for the 30%+ who did not report the apocalyptic theme, since it was not until the second full-blown episode when I had to live through Apocalypses many a time, I wonder whether it's something that would never occur in their life span or else.  Regardless, good luck to that 30% and hope it doesn't occur to them.

Regardless, it's shameful for me to say that, although the bible is a classic, I have never read the bible.

Rudaleviciene, P., Stompe, T., & Narbekovas, A. (2013). 308 – Apocalyptic delusions. European psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists, 28, 1. 

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