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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hofstede (2010) The GLOBE debate: Back to relevance

Hofstede, G. (2010). The GLOBE debate: Back to relevance. J Int Bus Stud, 41(8), 1339-1346.

Following is a direct quote from Hofstede's article:

"Whereas the two are of course not independent, they should not be equated; equating them is a “positivistic fallacy” (Levitin, 1973: 497) and in research leads to a confusion between reality and social desirability....

Avoiding the positivistic fallacy is especially important if we try to relate values to behavior. Responding to questionnaires or interviews is also a form of behavior, but ... we should distinguish "words" (questionnaires, interviews, meetings, speeches) from "deeds" (nonverbal behavior). Values should never be equated with deeds, for the simple reason that behavior depends both on the person and the situation. However, values as the desired are at least closer to deeds than values as the desirable. (Hofstede, 1980: 20)" (Hofstede, 2010: 1340-1341)

In Down with Meds and in the tactic section I spoke of the utilities of outsourcing medications.  Nowadays, since the content generation is done and I am so very busy taking care of excessive amount of mundane business (such as the consequences of breaking the new camera I brought to replace my grandpa Canon) in addition to pushing through this book, I simply up my dosage and outsource my psychosis to Seroquel, as long as the dosage doesn't result in the fish on the cutting board phenomena and interfere with my sleep.  What this establishes to me myself is my words do sync with my deeds here.

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