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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Schizophrenia and pain reactivity (Bonnot & Tordjman, 2008)

Bonnot, O., & Tordjman, S. (2008). Schizophrenia and pain reactivity. La Presse Médicale, 37(11), 1561-1568.

Since this article is actually in French and I don't really read French, following are some of the simple notes I could take about this article.

This is one of the review articles investigating the relationship between psychosis and pain perception. The authors used Medline to search from relevant literature published between the year of 1950 and 2007 and identified 50 articles for further analyses. Among these articles, 5 were previous review papers, 21 were clinical and epidemiological studies and 9 were case reports. One important conclusion of this review is that, although the patients with schizophrenia might exhibit a decreased level of Behavioral Reactivitiy to Pain (BRP), there doesn't seem to be sufficient evidence to prove the notion of insensitivity or anagelsia, which is a neurologic or pharmacologic state within which painful stimuli are perceived but not interpreted as pain.

The definition of pain according to l'Association internationale pour l'étude de la douleur (IASP), French version: « La douleur est une expérience sensorielle et émotionnelle désagréable associée à un dommage tissulaire présent ou potentiel ».

In any case, this would be a good source of references, to.

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