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Monday, March 23, 2009

IME and discrepancies

When I first read about how the experts found discrepancies between the observations of the others and patients’ self-report concerning their functionality and disability, it only sounded like another piece of information to be included in the measurement-related issue concerning ADL/IADL.... Good for the literature review section...

Then, I thought of how after my visit to the IME (Independent Medical Examiner who was paid for by the Workers' Compensation Insurance Company), days after I dropped off from work again, how the IME decided that I could get back to work with the light duties partially defined as lifting no more than 25 bls... while I could barely move my own butt...

That almighty IME... and the alike...

So I thought... if not then, at least now... you better not be in my shoe because... then... you will have to live through the experiences called "discrepancies reported between the observations of the others and patients’ self-report".... and... what you do to the others... now you will see... (OMG, did I just sin? Or, perhaps, just pondering about the implications of constructivist learning approach? 8-O lol)

For... I wouldn't have known.... and did not know how this line of research would have anything to do with me... until tonight... when something reminds me of IME...

A critical review of scales of activities of daily living (Law & Letts, 1989)
Evaluating activities of daily living: directions for the future (Law, 1993)

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