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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A critical review of 12 ADL scales (Bruett & Overs, 1969)

Bruett, T. L., & Overs, R. P. (1969). A critical review of 12 ADL scales. Physical Therapy, 49(8), 857-862.

Abstract: Twelve ADL scales reported in the literature since 1951 are analyzed according to activities measured, number of scoring steps, and type of scaling used. The problems associated with each and the type of professional worker for which each is most useful are discussed. It is suggested that mobility be expressed in natural environment as well as clinical measurement terminology.

My Notes

Comparison of 12 ADL scales (I decided to not embed the google doc spreadsheet because it causes errors in the HTML code)

3 general purposes for the ADL scales

  • To inventory severity of disability in patient populations and to measure the effectiveness of treatment.
  • To construct patient profile and to provide information concerning intervention
  • To appraise changes in goal attainment

Scaling: Nominal, ordinal and interval

The purposes for which the measurement is being made should determine the measurement units in which the outcome is expressed.

"Should an investigator attempt to build a unidimensional scale from which a Guttman-type scale may be constructed" even though there seem to be much evidence showing the multidimensional nature of the disability indicators?

What is the relationship between patient's self-report and the report of significant others?

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