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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Run by or run through

When I was at a dinner yesterday, they were talking about a Japanese restaurant and I said to this lady who originally came from Japan... "All they have to do is to run it through you..."

Sounds weird to me (should it be "by" instead) and them English speakers seemed to have problems comprehending my English as well... lol

So I looked it up in the dictionary for the appropriate usage of the runs... 8-O lol

ALSO... it should've been "run by" instead of "run through." 

Dictionary definition as per Merriam-Webster dictionary online:
— run by or run past
: to present to (as for evaluation) <ran some ideas by her>

Running through, apparently, means something else... oops... (guess, I have to let Ratology run itself through to the extend that I thought "through" is the only thing to follow "run"... 8-O 8-X lol)

One more of them mistakes down!

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