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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Synopsis: Workshop on Idiopathic Low-Back Pain (White & Gordon, 1982)

White, A. A. I., & Gordon, S. L. (1982). Synopsis: Workshop on Idiopathic Low-Back Pain. Spine, 7(2), 141-149.

Following are some part of the writing that I find relevant to my interest….

Existing research has only found a moderate correlation between structural abnormality and the symptomatology. Many people with structural abnormalities such as disc degeneration have no complaints while others who complaints might not have apparent structural abnormality based on radiologic evidences.

It was suggested that subtle abnormalities might have developed before the body eventually, due to additional factors, gave way to the state of pain.

By the way, in case you wonder what idiopathic pain means... it simply means... pain without a cause... and are there ever pains with good causes? 8-O lol sigh

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