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The sole purpose of the "English Kinda Thing" is to document my attempts to correct my own mistakes in standard English usage and to share the resources I find. In no way do I attempt to teach nobody English through these blurbs--just as I intend not to teach nobody to be a neurotic and psychotic handicap in Ratology Reloaded or Down with Meds! :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Since I am still catching up with my literature review about disability and so on, I yet have to write up my notes for some of them articles I have read...

In the meanwhile, I think I am to post the following two links...

I came across this discussion topic on the website of spark people titled "All in you head."

Interesting enough, it does give me such a sense of relief to be reading through my own experiences in someone else's words. It is because it does give you the feeling that I am not along in this reiterative process of pondering whether all the pains and difficulties in mobility are but psychogenetic and root in nothing more then the tofu in my airhead.... 8-O lol

The process of sharing helps the reloading or reflection on myself.

The reactions from the others give me a sense of hope-- the wishful thinking that, even though I am struggling to find meaning about the same-old-same-old minor inconvineinces I have encounted so far, perhaps, the words could somhow be useful for someone else....


Another link I recently discovered was the invisible disability advocate, with the main purpose to educate people about the paradox of how people could look good but not feel so hot.


The irony I see in my recent engagement with online support group is that... when I first started with my graduate education, I was doing research with this professor in the counseling department. Among all them projects I was involved in, one eventually was finally published last year--- almost 1 decade later, with the topic being the use of online discussion forum as a means of providing social support.....

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